Made in Australia – 5 Homegrown Ethical Fashion Labels

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You just can’t beat buying local, homegrown products. You get the feel-good factor associated supporting a locally-owned and operated business, and knowing where your products are made, and by whom.

Another upside to purchasing local fashion is that it can help you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s just a small selection of brands we’ve rated as ‘Good’ or ‘Great’ in the Good On You app that have been made Down Under.

Nobody Denim GoY-Ratings_4

Sundays with @nadiabartel | Stepping out in Nobody Denim #CultSkinny Ankle AddictiveCult Skinny Ankle – Addictive Jeans

Produced in Australia with a distinctly Melbourne aesthetic, Nobody Denim proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style to shop ethically. While denim production is often associated with a high environmental impact, Nobody Denim prides themselves on producing denim products with creativity and, more importantly, integrity. They’ve worked closely with Sustainability Victoria to improve their energy efficiency, and are certified by Ethical Clothing Australia – meaning that each worker at every stage of the supply chain is treated fairly. It’s an inspiration to find a denim brand that competes with mainstream labels while doing good in the world.

Indecisive GoY-Ratings_4

Organic Bamboo Bodysuit by IndecisiveOrganic Bamboo Bodysuit in Nude

Indecisive balances modern and relaxed luxury with sustainability, producing beautiful trans-seasonal pieces for women. Designed and developed in Australia, Indecisive is the perfect label for anyone with a timeless and practical approach to fashion. They use sustainable, organic and eco-friendly materials and prove that luxury doesn’t have to come at a cost to the environment, or be unaffordable for the consumer.

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Annukka GoY-Ratings_5

@abbiesteen wearing Annukka's white Savannah jumperOrganic Savannah Jumper in White

Proudly dreamt up in the surf spot of Byron Bay after discovering the benefits of organic, chemical-free cotton, Annukka’s philosophy centres around living a healthy, happy and meaningful life. The focus is on everyday, wearable classics, a timeless colour palette and relaxed silhouettes. Their range is produced ethically as well as sustainably (they are certified by Ethical Clothing Australia) – having a positive impact on the planet drives everything they do. Such an inspiration!

Vege Threads GoY-Ratings_5

Hemp/Organic Gaucho Pant in Natural by Vege ThreadsHemp/Organic Gaucho Pant in Natural

Vege Threads make clothes for everyday wear. They care deeply about the world we live in and as such, try and tread lightly by keeping things simple and made locally. Their collection of men’s and women’s basics, activewear and swimwear are all manufactured in Australia using organic and eco-friendly materials. They are certified by Ethical Clothing Australia, pride themselves on a transparent supply chain and promote a slower way of life. It’s easy to see why we rate them ‘Great’.

Little Emperor GoY-Ratings_5

'Orange Grove' organic cotton dress by Little EmperorOrange Grove Organic Cotton Dress

A clothing brand for the little people in your life – Little Emperor was founded by Sydney local Elizabeth Bold. Made in Australia using high-quality organic cotton and handmade to perfection, Little Emperor ticks all the boxes for a sustainable, ethical and homegrown children’s wear brand. The label produces fun-loving pieces that inspire imagination and creativity in their wearers, perfect for both play and special occasions.


We are proud to say that this is but a small sample of the amazing ethical and sustainable brands made here in Australia. Hopefully, we’ve sparked your curiosity and demonstrated how easy it is to shop in line with your values, while also supporting local. To discover even more amazing brands, head to the Good on You app.

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Editor’s Note: Good On You did not receive compensation for mentioning the brands in this article. All ratings were correct at time of publication.

Feature image via Vege Threads. Additional images via @nobodydenim, Indecisive, Annukka, Vege Threads and Little Emperor.

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