Eco Buzz | UK Drinkers Anticipate Arrival of Vegan Baileys, Matchesfashion.com Partners with Livia Firth’s Eco Fashion Consultancy, Eco-Age

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Vegan Baileys to Arrive in the UK

Vegans in the UK are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Baileys Almande, the dairy-free alternative to the much-loved coffee-flavoured liqueur.

Whole Foods announced the vegan-certified Baileys Almande would arrive on September 18. Baileys announced the launch of its vegan-friendly liqueur in May last year. It was released in the US in May of this year, but had yet to arrive in UK bottle shops until now.

Introduced in 1974, the pioneering Irish whiskey and cream-based liqueur company sells an estimated 82 million bottles of Baileys in 160 countries each year, requiring 220 million litres of Irish milk to produce.

Baileys Almande AKA Vegan Baileys. Credit- anbl.com

Baileys Almande aka vegan Baileys. Credit: ANBL

In contrast, the vegan Baileys is “made from sweet almond oil and almond essence, cane sugar and purified water with a touch of real vanilla,” according to the Baileys website.

Baileys Almande is launching exclusively at Whole Foods. Interested shoppers will need to check their local Whole Foods Market UK store for product availability. – Jennifer Nini

Matchesfashion.com Partners with Livia Firth’s Eco Fashion Consultancy, Eco-Age

Livia Firth’s eco brand consultancy Eco-Age is working with London luxury e-tailer Matchesfashion.com on managing its environmental and social risks.

Matchesfashion.com Partners with Livia Firth's Eco Fashion Consultancy, Eco-Age

The e-commerce juggernaut announced it has partnered with Eco-Age on a sustainability programme to make sustainability and ethical practices a core part of their business. This collaboration will see the company share the positive sustainability stories of the more than 400 brands it stocks which include top designer labels such as Lanvin, Helmut Lang, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga.

“In our thirtieth year of business, we wanted to be sure the business was looking to the future of the industry, the second largest polluter in the planet,” said co-founder Ruth Chapman in a statement. “With our reputation for pioneering and nurturing fashion talent we are proud to continue to innovate by focusing our energies on addressing some of these issues within our own business and our broader supply chain. We hope to bring awareness to our brands, employees and customers and therefore spearhead change, however incremental, over the coming years. Eco-Age are without doubt the best partners for us to learn from as we begin this project.”

Livia Firth founder and director of eco fashion consultancy Eco-Age

Livia Firth, Creative Director Eco Age Ltd, talking to young women at the Inspiring Women launch.Credit: Cabinet Office

Founder and creative director of Eco-Age Livia Firth said: “I have so much admiration for Ruth and Tom Chapman as they demonstrated leadership through Matchesfashion.com all along. The sustainability journey they have now embarked upon is not an easy task for a multi-brand retailer but the direct engagement both internally and externally of the Matchesfashion.com ethos is fundamental to the success of it. This is such a unique opportunity to make a real change.”

This announcement comes just weeks after The Business of Fashion reported that the company had sold a majority stake to private equity firm Apax Partners for $1 billion, a sum which has yet to be confirmed by both parties.

Tom and Ruth Chapman founded the luxury purveyor in Wimbledon Village in 1987 and although it has become a global force in high-end retail, they – along with venture capital backers Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) and Highland Europe – will still hold a minority stake in the business. – Jennifer Nini

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