MLC Centre in Sydney Presents ‘Disposable Truths’ By Celebrated Artist Marina DeBris

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Marina DeBris is an internationally celebrated artist and the creator of the art scuplture Disposable Truth which is a social commentary on the human relationship with waste. 

Marina, originally from Bondi Beach, began her journey within the world of art creating sculptures from discarded items found on the beaches of Los Angeles where she had resided for several years. Her works of art are used to send a message to the world, encouraging people to keep their waste to a minimum and be more mindful of their rubbish.

MLC Centre Presents 'Disposable Truths' By Celebrated Artist Marina DeBris

Artwork by Marina DeBris ‘Disposable Truths’. Images supplied.

MLC Centre in Sydney Presents 'Disposable Truths' By Celebrated Artist Marina DeBris

Arist Marina DeBris.

Marina was asked to create a piece of art for the MLC Centre in Sydney who wanted to take action to reduce the amount of waste produced in the centre. The goal was to show the community the amount of waste they produce, hopefully influencing employees, tenants and visitors to be more mindful.

The project began with the collection of coffee lids over the period of one month. Over 1600 plastic lids had been collected during the month of July which were all used in Marina Debris’ sculpture. The sculpture resembles something of a tornado; representing the deviation and destruction that this wasted plastic could have caused and the current destruction that is already occurring all around the world because of improperly discarded waste.

'Disposable Truths' By Artist Marina DeBris made from disposable coffee cups

'Disposable Truths' By Marina DeBris displayed at the MLC Centre Sydney

The MLC Centre has now teamed with KeepCup, an Australian reusable coffee and tea cup company who shares the same views on global conservation, to continue their efforts in reducing the amount of disposable coffee cup being distributed, and thus being sent to landfill. To achieve this goal, they are offering a 20% discount on all online KeepCup orders to all MLC Centre visitors. Tenants of the centre scored a free reusable cup.

'Disposable Truths' By Artist Marina DeBris displayed at the MLC Centre Sydney

Darren Steinburg, the CEO of Dexus Property Group the company responsible for operating the facility said, “Reuse is an effective way of reducing waste to landfill, and reflects our commitment of sustainability across the operations of our buildings. This initiative is a great way of influencing the behaviour of our customers who frequent the MLC Centre food court.”

That an artist with the surname DeBris – or debris – a word which actually translates to scattered remains of something broken or destroyed is behind ‘Disposable Truths’ is uncannily fitting.

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