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Fashion Revolution Week 2017 – Upcycling

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Fashion Revolution Week was founded to commiserate the Rana Plaza tragedy four years ago. 1138 people died in the collapse of a garment factory and thousands were left injured due to the negligence of many corporations and people who turned a blind eye to appalling conditions, and continued sourcing garments from this unethical factory. Fashion Revolution Week seeks to educate mainstream consumers and corporations on avenues of to prevent this kind of tragedy ever occurring again by empowering the employees throughout garment supply chains. 
One of the concepts promoted through the week to reduce society’s obsession with fast fashion is upcycling.
To give insight into the potential of Upcycling we have called in Natasha Lw – Owner, Maker And Designer for Paper Flower Ethical. A thought leader in upcycling, Natasha hand makes a huge variety of items from ethically sourced upcycled materials.

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