This Start-Up Knows the Future of Feminism Lies in a Flexible Work Schedule

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Women represent so few of the top tier positions in large companies, and this start-up wants to change that after careful observation from inside two women’s corporate lives. Flexibility is their key objective, and in this article you can read about the initiative to reward companies offering highly flexible jobs by promoting and advertising their job openings to highly sought after professionals looking for that flexibility. By providing a platform where flexibility is the key search criteria, potential employees are given opportunities to succeed and develop in their pursuit for top tier careers without forfeiting other personal commitments.
Providing flexible work arrangements enables companies to engage the smartest minds and the best skill fit for their positions. Flexibility in a position can provide women with increased opportunity for longer and unbroken careers in top tier positions, and can provide men with the opportunity to take on more family responsibilities while navigating their career goals.
It is critical for a sustainable economy, that brands provide fair conditions for the workers in their supply chain, this includes providing flexibility in work location, hours and days off.
 Flexible work feminism
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