Walking Home With Michael Donovan

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Last week Michael Donovan, photographer, hysterical human, and all around awesome guy, came to my office to hang out and talk about trash, the environment, dead raccoons, and Louis CK for his podcast Walking Home. Check out our episode to get a glimpse into the inner working of our brains. 

From his site… 

Lauren is NOT an environmentalist but she can teach you how to save $20,000 in 4 years, get healthier, and add time to your week by changing your lifestyle through reducing your impact on the environment. AND she can fit a years worth of trash in a single mason jar!
Some topics from this show:

• What is Zero-Waste and the Zero-Waste lifestyle?
• How to NOT be an annoying environmentalist
• How to change your lifestyle most efficiently
• Stop protesting and make your life better
• Go beyond being a consumer
• Fix yourself rather than trying to fix others
• There are no fuck-ups when you’re manifesting
• Live a meaningful life now